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Stretch Ceiling and Backlit Ceiling Design

Teso Srl Soffitti Tesi di Nove, located in the province of Vicenza, is a company with experience in the design and construction of stretch ceilings, for private and public, commercial and residential environments.

The staff, having robust experience in Europe, America and Middle East, is able to provide original and custom projects, meeting the expectations of the customer and the demands and proposals of the market.
Our company stands out for the high quality standards of its creations. These results are obtained by utilizing top quality materials and maintaining a specialized staff constantly developing their knowledge and skill sets. Furthermore, our success comes from the passion and ability to realize innovative ideas and projects and to be able to provide our customers with solutions tailored to their needs; for us, a constant stimulus that leads us to improve and perfect our proposals. We offer speed and efficiency for the completion and delivery of turnkey projects and, above all, the most competitive prices.

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What are thermostatic coatings?

Thermostatic coatings are polymeric PVC membranes with memory shape. Assembled in a simple and fast way, they are stretched and locked to a perimeter profile, offering considerable advantages compared to classic false ceilings.

Why choose a thermostatic coating?

Installation is quick and mess-free whereby no harmful substances are released into the environment. They resist water and humidity, they are antistatic so they do not retain dust and, above all, they offer a grand aesthetic impact thanks to the large choice of colors, finishes and shapes that can be created. They can be backlit to give an ambiance a homogeneous and diffused light. They can be inspected because they can be removed and reassembled over and over again.

What is the maximum surface a thermostatic coating can cover?

With a single coating you can cover a room of 50 / 60sqm; for larger rooms it is necessary to place a simple separation profile to prevent the fabric from drooping. This allows for the covering of much larger surfaces. However, it is possible to have a single sheet larger than 50 / 60sqm using greater care during assembly only in rooms of no less than 5 meters in height, in order to avoid any visual defects.

What shapes can be formed by the stretch ceilings?

The shaping possibilities are infinte: in the simplest cases, we utilize our standard profiles, in others it will be sufficient to create a supporting substructure of metal or aluminum that will serve as support. Check out our photo gallery and you will find many examples. Unleash your imagination!

How many colors and finishes are there?

There are more than 200 possibilities with options for the finish including: glossy, lacquered, satin, metallized, opaque, micro-perforated, fabric effect, printed with images of all kinds, etc.

Can they be cleaned?

Of course they can be easily cleaned as needed using a simple, neutral detergent.

How long does installation take?

The installation of our stretch ceilings is very quick. On average, 2 people can cover about 50 sqm in a domestic setting in one day.

What is backlighting?

They are translucent, thermostatic fabrics able to diffuse light thanks to a rear light source; they can be simple, dimmable, or RGB dimmable. It is therefore possible to adjust light intensity and color using RGB LEDs. For installation, a distance of at least 3/4 cm from the support frame to the fabric is required using more advanced solutions, reaching 15/20 cm by adopting a traditional light source. These combinations are able to give an environment a significant aesthetic impact thanks to the diffused and uniform lighting throughout the ceiling surface.


"Very versatile product, professionality and punctual with delivery times. Michele is very professional and cordial. The installation crew was very professional both in their workmanship and in the final result. I reccomend their huge array of products for any necessity. Grazie Michele."

Marco Venturini

"Michele is always available and well prepared. He offers excellent customer service. Punctual and competent at the highest level."

Bruno Andreoli

“I am fully satisfied with the product and the result. Michele is competent and professional. I will definitely use Teso Italia again for future projects."

Marco Illarietti